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Possible electrical short repeatedly blows tail fuse

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This is the second time in a few weeks that my tail fuse has blown leaving me without tail lights, only rear brake lights. Prior to the fuse blowing, when I turn on my left turn signal (not sure if it does the same for the right) it only sporatically blinks. The signal light on the dashboard also remains on, unblinking. Is this an issue in the accessory sick or the wiriing itself?

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What model year is the van?
Sorry about that. It is a 2006 LE.

The 2006 TAIL fuse circuit is very simple. It powers the ten bulbs which come on when the light control stalk is turned to the TAIL position: 2 front side marker lights, 2 front parking lights, 4 rear tail lights (2 on body, 2 on hatch) and 2 license plate lights. I would take off the rear body light assemblies and look for water damage and corrosion. The fronts are probably the next easiest. The hatch bulbs require you to remove the rear hatch interior panel which is cumbersome.
Thank you. I will let you know what i find.
I opened up access areas and do not see any obvious corrosion or water issues. I put in a new fuse. When the lights are turned on, the left turn signal comes on as a solid green. When I use the turn signal, the exterior lights blink normally but the interior light remains solid green and i can hear the clicking of the turn signal.
My guess is that you have corrosion or water damage inside one of the two left turn signal bulb sockets. With the turn signal in the middle neutral position, the only way to get power to the dash LED arrow is to have it come from another circuit via damage. You probably will not see both turn lamp bulb filaments on, but the LED is obvious.
Thank you. Thank you. I didn't realize the Tail circuit is actually connected to the front side and parking lights. The FSM wasn't much help. My problem was some cheap Ebay LEDs that were shorting in the front parking lights. Problem solved, after 3 hours.
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