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power steering fluid

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just got back from the steelership and the mech said that my power steering fluid is dirty and that it would cost 120 cad to replace it.

now heres the story i went into that same dealership for my oil change 3 months prior to this and the mech did not say anything about changing the power steering fluid at that time. advance to now and all os a sudden my power steering fluid is dirty and i need to change it.

what gives i never had to chage the power steering fluid on any of my cars now at 80 000km on my sienna i need to chage it. something does not add up right.

However i do get power steering pump noise when the fluid is cold up here in canada let say from anywere from 5c and below i can hear my pump pushing the fluid until it get warmed up.
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Oftentimes, the ATF fluid that the factory installs in the power steering reservoir (not just from Toyota) does not have the red dye that is added to the ATF fluid that goes in the transmission. I'm not sure why this is, other than that the factory might get a price break on buying bulk amounts of ATF fluid without the dye added.

Regardless, if your owners manual calls for ATF in the power steering reservoir, it doesn't matter if you add red dyed ATF to the clear ATF that was originally in there.
It does seem odd that you are having to add fluid after so short a time. I would continue to keep checking the fluid level and filling as necessary for the short term. You might have to look into getting a "stop leak" additive or fluid (or just continue to check and add fluid as necessary). Keep us posted.
1 - 2 of 58 Posts
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