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I purchased a Curt T-Connector #56106 and after 2 years and very mild use, the right turn and running tail lights stopped working from the powered connector. Left turn works fine.

Since this powered converter already has the Molex (OEM connections to the taillights) I don't have to splice the van's wiring. I could go buy the Curt replacement powered converter (#56190) but I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to be in the same boat since the SE model has LED lights, does it require a "heavy duty" powered converter?

I contacted Curt support and they told me that their powered converter is rated to handle 4.2 amps for the stop/turn lights and 7.5 amps for the tail lights.

I noticed that there are some that advertise "Heavy Duty" but does that make sense? Also just below the left tail light I found a connector that is just sitting there not connected to anything, does anyone know what this is for?

What other 4-wire powered converters are people using on the SE model Siennas with the clear LED tail lights?
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