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Question about CEC Wheel Fitment on 2013 Sienna LE

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Hey guys! New member here. I just purchased a used, black 2013 Sienna LE with 42k miles on it after my wife's previous car was totaled out by the insurance company a couple weeks ago. So far, we love it for our family of 5 (still trying to identify that infamous seat rattle though as other members have posted). And yes, she's doing fine.

Here's the deal though: My good friend turned in his Hyundai Genesis (lease) last July. He does the websites for both CEC wheels and Nexen tires so he got hooked up with some 20" wheels and tires from each of them. Since turning it in though, he's since purchased another car (VW TDI), and hasn't had any luck selling them (bad for him, hopefully good for me). What I am wondering is if this setup will work on my wife's Sienna.

Here's the details:
Front: 20x8.5, 5x114.3, ET35, 67.1 Hub Bore, mounted on 245/40/20 Nexen N3000 tires
Rear: 20x10, 5x114.3, ET43, 67.1 HB, mounted on 275/35/20 Nexen N7000 tires

The wheels look this 22" set I captured off a current eBay listing:
Alloy wheel Tire Rim Wheel Automotive tire

First and foremost, it needs to be safe which is also why I need to replace the Chinese tires that came with it. Hence the reason I am looking into this setup. So will it work? Will it need spacers? Is Hub bore an issue? Too big/too small? Offset ok? I'm ok spending some money to get it right if its close.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. We are going to try and install them on it tonight to see if they work. If so, I'll be sure to post some pics. If I find out it doesn't, we will be drinking scotch and cigars. Win/win either way.

Thanks again,
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5x114.3 will work but the Sienna hub bore is 60.1
the tire size you can do a search on here and find A lot of good info. I think the Vossen thread on here has a lot of good info on wheel size, back space and tire sizes
Awesome. Thanks Watkins. So far it looks like I need to order some 67.1 to 60.1 hub centric rings. Not going to be able to work on it tonight though. Family emergency for my friend.
you'll need spacers in the rear. offset is too high. 15-20mm will look good.
Thanks acsrob. So a total offset of 23-28 then. Got it. Thanks!
Alright, maybe I need some clarifications myself b/c being a van and FWD, don't you want all 4 wheels to be the same width all around?

Slapping on different width 8.5 F and 10 rears are generally more for RWD type of cars and suvs what not?

If you want that bigger lip in the rear, then you'll have to do something like keeping the same width all around while going with a lower offset and pushing the face/spoke designs more inward for the rear wheels.

Honda civic and acura guys get make fun of this all the time since their cars are fwd while slapping on staggered wheels.

I'm curious why this hasn't been corrected in the past?
I think it's just more of personal preference. I don't quite understand what you mean by "corrected" though. There are guys that are putting GTR wheels on their Siennas and yet the front and rear have different widths. At the same time, it drives me crazy to see a RWD Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300 with all four 22" wheels the same size and width. Why would someone do that on a RWD car?

I get why the Honda/Acura guys get laughed at- it's not only a FWD drive, its a sports car. It totally defeats the purpose if they're putting a larger wheel in the rear in a FWD car. A Sienna is far from a sports car. But again, it's just personal preference. There are plenty of Audis with different front and rear wheel widths, but they are AWD. It's really just for looks.

If I were buying some new wheels, yes, I'd probably go with the same size all around. But the deal I'm getting, I'll happily live with it.
Thanks for all your help guys.

Here's the final look:


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Looks great!
���� looks good!
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