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I've found multiple reports of people with Gen 3 Siennas adding air lift / air bag suspension accessories to help avoid the rear sagging when carrying a heavy load in the back. This makes sense to me given all the weight that can go behind the rear wheels when you load up the huge rear compartment with a lot of stuff for a trip, plus perhaps a bike rack or hitch-mounted cargo box (and I'm sure it's even more pronounced when towing). With a loaded van, my trailer hitch was scraping frequently on my last trip (but it's not bad when the van is empty).

I'm curious if anyone knows about these and what the pros and cons are.

Here are some examples:

Another data point from a forum:

For my 2018 Sienna AWD have the draw tite hitch that mounts behind the bumper mostly hidden. Some other hitch brands mounted lower and seemed like a bad solution my 1up Super heavy duty with four bikes. The van would ride too low with four riders, gear and bikes and drag on mild driveways on the first trip. I added the air lift 1000 airbags to the rear and all is good with no dragging for the 15k miles of bike trips with this set up.


For our 2014 sienna AWD I did:

-Draw Tite hitch that sits up in bumper
-Firestone airbags in rear springs w/ schrader valve mounted under bumper
-Lolo 6-Bike rack

I think the airbags have been very helpful in our situation because we often have the van loaded with camping gear and people. Pressurizing them to 35psi keeps the rear riding pretty much near stock height. If we don’t have as much stuff a lower pressure in the bags does the job.
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