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2006 XLE (3MZFE) that has gone well beyond some needed maintenance 136K miles

This is what I'm dealing with.

1. Appears to be leaking oil from the front corners and possibly rear of the (valve cover/intake manifold?) gasket or first fitting below the engine cover.
2. The Coolant reservoir will be empty after a drive cycle, but no visible coolant leak. I can't tell if the coolant loss is a water pump starting to go or a leak somewhere else in the cooling system (my suspicion is that hose in the valley), (no visible coolant leak or coolant on the ground). The engine oil was just changed and no evidence of coolant in the engine oil, nor is any oil evident in the antifreeze.

Assumed work needed:
Valve cover gaskets, coolant plate reseal, spark plugs, knock sensors and wires and pcv valve
Timing Belt, water pump replacement with new hydraulic tensioner, tensioner and roller idler pulleys and cam and crank seals
Replace all drive belts

Looking for recommendation of mechanic in Orlando, FL area. I'm pricing this with a couple local dealers and independent shops, but would feel better with a trusted referral.
Thank You
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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