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rough ride in a 08 - normal?

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today I drove my first 08 in our search for a pre owned Sienna. It was very rough - like we were riding on pebbly asphalt. Will try another at another dealer tomorrow - but curious if this is 'normal' - our old Previa is a very smooth drive. Would not buy such a rough ride, this dealer had not done the check over of the car, it came straight from the auction so maybe it was an alignment problem. It's an ex-rental, 46,000 miles.

Another question is whether the "Toyota certified" extended warranty is worth the extra price hike on dealership pre-owned over non-dealership dealers.

thanks for any replies concerning this.

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I am with the others. Thinking it was bad wear on the tires(cupping?) Driving on bad tires can make it feel like you are driving the biggest POS out there. My old '95 previa had OK ride and it was in good shape. My '04 is a dream to drive and it has some big miles on it. I am thinking as it was a rental the lack of rotating the tires was to blame.

Most people drive a rental a little harder than if it was their own.
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