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rough ride in a 08 - normal?

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today I drove my first 08 in our search for a pre owned Sienna. It was very rough - like we were riding on pebbly asphalt. Will try another at another dealer tomorrow - but curious if this is 'normal' - our old Previa is a very smooth drive. Would not buy such a rough ride, this dealer had not done the check over of the car, it came straight from the auction so maybe it was an alignment problem. It's an ex-rental, 46,000 miles.

Another question is whether the "Toyota certified" extended warranty is worth the extra price hike on dealership pre-owned over non-dealership dealers.

thanks for any replies concerning this.

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I have an 09 limited with 102k miles and yes it rides very rough, suspension is fine, I was riding on etopia tires and now that I got Michelin defenders the ride is even rougher over potholes and the like, maybe I can take some air out of the tires, these ones are running on Nitrogen since they're Costco tires, not sure if that makes a difference, nothing is rattling it just makes a ton of noise when it hits an imperfection in the road, I'm used to luxury vehicles with air suspension
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