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rough ride in a 08 - normal?

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today I drove my first 08 in our search for a pre owned Sienna. It was very rough - like we were riding on pebbly asphalt. Will try another at another dealer tomorrow - but curious if this is 'normal' - our old Previa is a very smooth drive. Would not buy such a rough ride, this dealer had not done the check over of the car, it came straight from the auction so maybe it was an alignment problem. It's an ex-rental, 46,000 miles.

Another question is whether the "Toyota certified" extended warranty is worth the extra price hike on dealership pre-owned over non-dealership dealers.

thanks for any replies concerning this.

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Ride quality will of course vary and depend upon the condition and model of tires, inflation pressure, road surface, your speed, and condition of other suspension components. Sometimes an improperly balanced wheel or two will also give an unpleasant ride. Mis-alignment generally usually only affects the way the car tracks and steers...and how the tires wear....but could lead to some bumpy situations.

There are some portions of freeway in my area that "look" smooth, but with the combination of various factors present in my Sienna, I get a less-than-ideal ride every time we travel over those stretches. Other areas are much smoother. [spymom] always thinks there's something wrong with the car or the tires when she goes over those her Lexus ES-330 too.....makes me "crazy" trying to reassure her that it is "just the road". You really have to try an extensive test drive over many different roads and surfaces at varying speeds to get an accurate feel for how the car behaves as far as ride-quality. may have just gotten a Sienna with "bad tires" or "bad suspension"....or experienced rough road surfaces.

Good Luck!! 8)
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