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My 2011 was never rust proofed. I have been using 'Fluid Film' for the last couple of years and I like it. I use it on my offroad stuff also. I have found some other stuff swells the rubbers seals. So far this stuff is has been great.
What are you using?

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Haven't got any yet. Keep meaning too. I went down a long rabbit hole this spring when someone posted about Krown. Lots of forums, and a link to a DOT study on rust prevention for the DOT fleet and cost savings. My summary on my research for a few people I know:
The benefit/cost ratio for a northern state DOT for corrosion management was estimated to be 4.4 by increasing corrosion management and focusing on proactive instead of reactive maintenance. More of interest to me was the corrosion management specifics, as I was looking at how to maintain my vehicle and keep it from rusting out. Specifically the following:
Periodically spraying a corrosion inhibitor (Krown T40, 19 times per year) would
effectively protect the aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel components on DOT equipment from corrosion related to NaCl or MgCl 2 deicers, by reducing their corrosion rate by at least 99%. Similarly, a one-time application of protective coating (Rust Bullet) reduced their corrosion rate by at least 99.5%, but additional research is needed to improve the integrity and durability of such coating over the years of field exposure.
Obviously a personal vehicle wouldn't need 19 applications a year, and some further research showed promise with using Noxudol brand spray coatings, which creep into crevasses and leave a waxy coating to keep water and salt off metal and reduce rusting. Probably somewhere in between the effectiveness of the Krown oil spray and the Rust Bullet paint researched in the studies. The issue I see with the paint is it would be great before rust started, but since I already have rust it probably wouldn't be as effective as something like an oil spray or Noxudol waxy coating. Noxudol is specified by several auto manufactures in rust related recalls, for the dealer to apply to the rust prone areas of the recalls and prevent further rusting, that plus personal usage antidotes I found point to this being close to the ideal for the average auto owner interested in keeping their vehicle from failing due to rusting out in northern areas with road salt usage.
The true short and sweet summary is that while I haven't used anything yet, from my research I plan to use Noxudol 700 for cavities and Noxudol 300 for underbody rust prevention. I need to get on that. My van had remarkably little rust for this area (Chicago before I bought it), and road salt season is almost upon us...

Mostly I want to use it because it's supposed to apply as a liquid and creep to fill gaps, before drying as a waxy film that is more resilient to being washed off as opposed to more oil-based substances like Fluid Film and Krown.
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