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Sad: Sienna driver killed upon highway deer impact

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RIP: a rideshare driver was killed on the Dulles Airport Access Road in Virginia when he struck a deer at night. Driver was declared dead at the scene, a passenger was hospitalized with unknown injuries. Vehicle was a 3rd gen Sienna.

Sadly, there's not a whole lot you can do when a small heavy object hits you without time to react. Coincidentally, almost 2 decades ago and about a mile away from this location, I struck a deer with a Miata. Got lucky as the deer struck the front bumper, then sailed over the top of the car.
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I know a fella, during heavy rains was driving at night on a dark road and turned onto a road, then drove straight into a flooded section.
Totaled the Sienna, nobody was hurt.

That's why I find I don't like driving at night too many surprises can happen that you don't see until too late.
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