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Well, it turns out a lot of research has been done by Prius owners for camper vehicles and the like. I'm still tracing down specifics on a gen4, but the gen3 specs are a start (may be the same since the Sienna gets last years' Prius parts sometimes)

120A Max DC to DC output

On the Sienna there is a 140A fuse and a much bigger one with a thicker line that I presume is going to the starter motor: Alas I didn't take a picture, but I have no intention of going that high anyway. I presume the 140A fuse is to the DC to DC converter. The charging voltage on the Sienna seems to be ~14v though the converter can go to 16v (gen3 prius at least).

A breakdown of the gen3 Prius assembly (no Sienna love) is here: Toyota Prius Gen3 Board - wiki

I'm not ready to go quite yet if I can suss out more information, but the basic conclusion is ... 1kw from several sources. What I'm looking for still is if 1kw is pushing it. I know already that it'll be fine in the short term from this board and others. I think one person on this board went 750w.

14 * 120 = may be 1680w but I doubt the designers want or let it get taxed that high normally. But uh, don't reverse the polarity ... that's good advice typically, but it is a $5k+ mistake here.
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