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Scared To Buy A Used 2001

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Hey y'all; been wanting a more reliable vehicle and Sick of throwing parts at the two dodge dakotas i have so i'm saving towards something else. Here is a 2001 Sienna for $2500 (hope to get them way down from this). History report on it looks great but the man has no maintenance records for it. He's the 2nd owner and idk how well it was kept up. The van looks really great, white with very little blemish. 163,768 miles on it.

I knew about the corolla being able to go hundreds of thousand miles as well as the camry. So i'm researching and find out about the dreaded 'oil gel' issue. That's a huge deal for a company that's supposed to make long lasting cars, yeah. I doubt the seller will want me removing his valve cover gasket. If he has cleaned the engine (haven't looked at it yet) then it'd be hard to tell from the outside.
How do i verify the van has this issue or not? Think this van will go for 300000 miles easily? Look into my future and say for sure :) Thanks guys
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Ive had Toyodas since Toyopet 60's these vans are fine they generally go about 280 fore any of the work begins to 280 its all consumables takes my guy 6 hrs to do timing water pump, idlers ,plugs 300 labour about 200 in parts i order online.. these interiors stay nicer than any dodges ive seen my 01 is nicer than some 09 and i work out of mine. my rear seats inside my building/shop in perfect condition rarely installed for trips.. everything in vehicle works perfectly even the rear air . but i get no rear heat no one cares in NC USA
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