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Scared To Buy A Used 2001

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Hey y'all; been wanting a more reliable vehicle and Sick of throwing parts at the two dodge dakotas i have so i'm saving towards something else. Here is a 2001 Sienna for $2500 (hope to get them way down from this). History report on it looks great but the man has no maintenance records for it. He's the 2nd owner and idk how well it was kept up. The van looks really great, white with very little blemish. 163,768 miles on it.

I knew about the corolla being able to go hundreds of thousand miles as well as the camry. So i'm researching and find out about the dreaded 'oil gel' issue. That's a huge deal for a company that's supposed to make long lasting cars, yeah. I doubt the seller will want me removing his valve cover gasket. If he has cleaned the engine (haven't looked at it yet) then it'd be hard to tell from the outside.
How do i verify the van has this issue or not? Think this van will go for 300000 miles easily? Look into my future and say for sure :) Thanks guys
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Hi. Appears that there are a lot of different experiences with Toyota Sienna. I have a 2000 with 202K Miles. I have never had a sludge problem, none at all. Between 100K and 200K there was a fair amount of maintenance but engine and transmission are still running well. Engine now uses about 1qt of oil every 1,000 miles. Have not done compression or leakdown test so not sure the diagnosis for the oil consumption. During life replaced timing belt (once), struts, rear shocks, oxygen sensors, steering rack, engine mounts, fuel injectors, consumables, of course (brake pads, rotors, tires, etc.). Some of the oxygen sensor and fuel injector replacements billed to me were from a dishonest mechanic's shop in Dobbs Ferry, NY. I knew too little at the time to realize I was being totally ripped off. Young owner later died in a motorcycle accident, but I get off track. In summary, no engine or transmission issues for 200K and no sludge; never heard from it in my engine. Driven Toyotas since 1976. I would say the complexity and repair frequency has increased since the earlier models; especially in the vans which are simply less reliable, more complicated, and have more issues. Maybe the weight is part of the issue. The 1st generation Siennas were built on a stretched Camray frame I believe.

Signing off, RV.
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Thanks man; that settles it for me. I'll steer clear and stick to my dakotas. they are both running okay. i'll save my money and look for something else in a year or two. Aren't there some models of older toyotas we can trust? What about hondas?

Toyota 1MZ-FE engine reliability, problems and repair
The 1MZ-FE type with a 3-liter displacement replaced the 3VZ in 1994 and was produced till 2007. The 1MZ is provided with 60° aluminium cylinder block, forged crankshaft, and lightweight pistons and connecting rods.
Moreover, the engine was provided with an EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, intake manifold with an ACIS variable intake system. The latest 1MZs were equipped with a VVTi variable valve timing system on the inlet camshaft, and also an electronic throttle body. The 1MZ is not provided with hydraulic lifters, so you need to adjust its valves each 60,000 miles (100,000 km) of mileage. The size of the 1MZ stock fuel injectors is 245 cc. Firing order in the 1MZ is 1-2-3-4-5-6.
The 1MZ was fitted with a toothed timing belt, which can be replaced each 90,000 miles (150,000 km) of mileage.
In general, the 3-liter 1MZFE is typical Toyota engine fitted for midsize and full-size vehicles.
Since 2003 the 1MZ engine was replaced with a new 3GR.

I quote from "MyWikiMotors" on the Internet. Do you have the VVTi valves in that model?


Toyota 1MZ engine problems and malfunctions
1.High oil consumption. Usually, 1MZ engines are quite out-dated with a long run. The problem associated with high oil consumption is a usual thing for them. Perhaps, your 1MZ-FE needs an overhaul.
2. Reduced engine power. Replace knock sensors. They often become disarranged in the 1MZ.
3. Rough idle. If any, you should cleanse the throttle body, injectors and check the VVTi valve. It may need a replacement. Moreover, a bad VVTi valve can result in 1MZ-FE jerking, misfire, vibrations and so on, and so forth.
The 1MZ tends to be carbonized, its VVTi system starts to leak in some period of time, the motor operates the way a diesel engine does. That can be repaired by repair the VVTi system.
If it is regularly maintained and smoothly run, the motor is quite safe and serves long. The 1MZ-FE engine lifespan is more than 200,000 miles (300,000 km) of mileage.
The 1MZ is officially considered to be irreparable like other latest Toyota engines. If you face the music, you need to buy a contract 1MZ-FE engine or look for another kind of service personnel who fix the kind of engines.
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