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If you have a seven passenger model, and one of the second-row captain's chairs is catching on the third-row floor mat retainer when sliding it forward from the far-back position, my dealership finally figured out what the problem was: The lower plastic trim piece on the rear of the seat had a center clip that was not pushed all the way into it's connector on the seat frame. This was allowing the trim piece to bow down just enough to catch on the floor mat retainer cap.

Thought I would share this, as it took three trips to my dealership 45 miles away to get this figured out. This was an assembly defect on mine. It has had the the problem since new. After I had first requested a warranty fix, the seat pulled off the retainer cap, and we could never find it up under the seat. The dealership could not buy just the retainer cap, or just one floor mat, so I got a new set of floor mats out of the deal.

If this is happening to your Sienna, save yourself some time, and push up on that lower trim piece to seat the center clip. I wish I had thought to try that a year and a half ago.
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