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Enhance your Sienna’s front-end appeal and illumination performance by adding a set of brand-new NOVA-Series Projector LED Headlights from AlphaRex! These headlights combine an extremely stylish design with the latest LED and projector lens technology to give your ride a pair of headlights that not only look great but also provide huge improvements in light output with nearly flawless function.

Each set is built around powerful OSRAM LED chips housed in their patented Ice Cube 3D projectors that cast the light from the LED chips both forward and to the sides. The headlights come standard with clear polycarbonate lenses that are coated to resist both condensation and plastic corrosion. Each pair of AlphaRex Nova Series headlights features a drop-in, plug-and-play installation.

Increase your visibility and at the same time improve the overall look of your Toyota Sienna with new AlphaRex NOVA-Series Headlights!

AlphaRex® - NOVA-Series Alpha-Black Sequential DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights

AlphaRex® - NOVA-Series Black Sequential DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights


  • Boast the patented projector design and excellent light output
  • Lenses are coated to prevent fogging, corrosion, and fading
  • Tasteful housing gives a finished look and impressive stance
  • Meet many modern industry standards and regulations


View the full list of AlphaRex Headlights: AlphaRex™ | Automotive Headlights —

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Wow, but $1250 is pretty steep......especially for my van that is closing on 100k miles and will be looking to switch vehicle...... but definitely a beauty, would like to see real-life light throw images....if anyone has installed this can they please post some pics....

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