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Idno, I remember doing the math on gas saved considering the cost of the van vs. buying an older Sienna with an ICE but lower m, and it came out at about a wash over 10 years. And this was assuming gas prices stayed March 2021 prices.

The one unexpected hit was the high CA tax for hybrids. Though we miss out on paying the tax at the pump, they found a way to get their tax money through registration.

Having worked at a mechanic shop I can say that hybrids never really had much maintenance done when they came in. And this was from seeing mostly all toyotas and hondas. Mostly oil changes and tire rotations.
But this Chysler hybrid seems like another story. The pacifica forums have some really scary stories of cars randomly shutting down while driving, and with minimal time to react to move to a safe spot.

Yea I don't buy a brand new car to save money. I bought it cause I wanted a new car.
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