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Should you buy Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories for your Toyota?

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There’s a certain appeal to genuine products, but when it comes to Toyota, there are additional benefits that help provide customers extra peace of mind.

When your Toyota needs a replacement part, the company provides your car with what’s called a Toyota Genuine Part; something made specifically for your vehicle. These genuine replacement parts are made with the same care and quality as your Toyota vehicle, meaning that there’s little to worry about in terms of reliability and longevity.

“Knowing that their parts are designed by Toyota assures customers that they are getting the best product for their money,” says Vincent DiDominzio, a nationally recognized Parts Professional from A-1 Toyota in New York.

For customers thinking that the “Genuine” label will cost them more, there’s an easy way to get excellent quality parts without breaking the bank.

Toyota offers new and remanufactured parts, both promising customers the best in quality, durability and safety. Remanufactured parts are not only a great value, they also meet Toyota’s rigid quality standards, and unlike auto parts store replacements, Genuine Toyota Remanufactured parts are designed to be an exact replacement for the original part.

That means you don’t have to rely on a third-party refurbished part and with Toyota’s knowledge and expertise, you just know that your car is getting a quality replacement product, no matter the price-point.

DiDominzio points out that, customers appreciate the warranty coverage that Genuine Toyota Parts include. “Genuine Toyota Parts carry a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty,” he says. This kind of coverage spans across new and remanufactured Toyota parts.

“That warranty coverage is important but having the parts that were specifically designed for your car is just as important,” stresses DiDominzio. These parts aren’t just your average off-the-shelf parts that you can get at your local shop -- they’re engineered and tested to meet the high standards of Toyota.

“Customers are confident that Genuine Toyota parts will perform well over a long period of time,” says Jeff Roy, a quality engineer for Toyota accessories and parts. “When it comes to a genuine part, we expect it to perform to the factory standards,” Roy says. He even says that some independent repair shops use Toyota Genuine Parts to ensure they don’t have any unsatisfied or repeat customers.

“Toyota is constantly testing and improving their parts,” adds DiDominzio, once again underscoring the company’s focus on delivering the best car ownership experience, even when a car needs service and a replacement part.

Enthusiasts will get a kick out of knowing that high-performance parts are also covered by warranty. Toyota Racing Development (TRD) parts are offered on a wide variety of Toyota and Scion vehicles, promising to add some personalization and performance to your car.

“TRD parts are a lot of fun and add an interactive element to the vehicle as well,” says Roy. He explains that you can get parts and upgrades that enhance performance, handling and appearance. He adds that the accessory parts are all engineered to perform and have the quality and testing to back it up.

The additional perk of warranty coverage on TRD parts are a huge benefit to customers who are new to modifying cars.

“As long as they are installed by a Toyota or Scion dealer, TRD parts are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles,” says DiDominzio.

Roy also points out that the benefit to getting accessories for a car from the automaker is that these parts are rigorously tested, guaranteed to work well and satisfy the customers’ expectations of a Toyota product.

For those owners who hope to save costs by doing minor maintenance themselves, select Toyota dealers offer a way to get parts to customers without having to go through the inconvenience of placing an order at the service department and then visiting the department again when parts arrive.

“Some Toyota dealers now have parts order availability on the dealer’s main web site,” explains DiDominzio.“

When a customer gets their car serviced with a Toyota Genuine Part, there’s also the feeling of safety and cohesion in knowing that the part is designed specifically for your car and that no one else could engineer the part as well as Toyota.

“Knowing about the Toyota parts we use gives assurance to customers,” says DiDominzio, ensuring that Toyota gives the feeling of “providing only the best safety for their family.”

When you equip your car with Toyota Genuine Parts and regular maintenance, you ensure that the vehicle will remain as reliable and safe as it can be, arguably two of the most important factors in choosing to drive a Toyota in the first place.

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