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shut off TC in AWD 07?

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there's no switch to turn off the traction control on my 07 AWD, is it hidden somewhere? If I put a switch on the wire leading to that fuse, would it just defeat the TC or would the VSC also not work, if this thing has it. I want it off sometimes, it in deep heavy snow or when pulling another car out of the ditch
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OK, I was doing some poking around under the dash this afternoon and found some wiring that might interest you.

In front of your right knee is a blank spot in the dash. Behind that is a black, 6-position connector. The pink/blue wire goes to the Skid Control ECU, the white/black wire goes to a ground. The wiring diagram shows this as an open connection, so I would presume that you close the switch to turn the system OFF.

It was near 70 degrees here today, I'm having a hard time finding any icy roads to test the switch. ::)

Was anyone able to test this? I keep having my system cut power and apply rear brakes while accelerating from a stop on dry pavement.
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