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hi every one I am acquiring a sienna as we speak, just need to import/ inspect yada yada yada as its a American insured owner and I am cdn.

The plan is to make it a bike hauling machine!! we currently own a lifted element which we camp out of with just a small bed platform but its a bit annoying to sleep, eat set up take down etc. with a few bikes and sometimes a dog and I am tall..
So I hope with a bit more room we will be able to make cabinets and a bed and storage to make it a bit more livable and cozy if its pouring rain and we can huddle inside and it wont chew up gas like the expensive big vans..

the van is cheep and the run flats are toast needs struts so I plan on putting 245/65/r 18 tires on and a lift kit from journeys. I am wondering if I can install the 245 tires before the lift.. prob will rub some where I scored some firestone designation AT for it. any way

This thing is a fancy rig with auto doors and torpedo like styling compared to the element box. will have pics of it soon
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