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Sienna AWD XLE with lift kit as snowmobile

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We‘ve been hit with a 3 day blizzard, and no sign of our farmer and his massive snow blower.
Snow is knee deep on our 200M driveway.
I had to do a run into town to pick up the turkey, so I shovelled the big pile at the road, and decided to make a run for it.

My van’s an AWD XLE with a 2” lift kit and Toyo Observe snow tires in OEM size.

We managed to plow down and out pretty well. The return trip is uphill with a curve, and I had to do a bit of rally-style controlled skidding, but the Sienna made it up. Just.
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Snow is a lot deeper on the other side of the van.

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Yes, stock sized Toyo Observe snow/ice tires. Not sure what the next step up is- I have room for a bigger tire.
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