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Sienna LE - no homelink?

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Just got my 2022 Sienna LE, and I'm so disgusted that it isn't standard to provide homelink for the garage door opener. A zillion buttons in this car, and I have to carry around a garage door opener? Unbelievable.
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Wow! I don't understand how ANY car with power windows in the last 15+ years, wouldn't include Homelink. (Or cruise control in some vehicles.)
My 2022 Tesla Model Y doesn't come with HomeLink. You can buy it for $300 but I haven't bothered. So I use the clicker. My Sienna does have HomeLink but since it's parked outside it's not used. I also don't even program it because being outside it's a security risk in that anyone who breaks in could open your garage door.
I still think every car these days should come with it and people can decide to use it or not. It definiately is not a $300 cost at the time of building a $30,000+ car.

And yes it is a security risk but I never remember to bring in the clicker when I leave a vehicle outside and that is the same risk. I imagine that is extremely common too.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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