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Sienna LE - no homelink?

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Just got my 2022 Sienna LE, and I'm so disgusted that it isn't standard to provide homelink for the garage door opener. A zillion buttons in this car, and I have to carry around a garage door opener? Unbelievable.
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I order a new frameless mirror with homelink from Bob's mirrors. He sells mirrors that are plug and play for our sienna using the accessory harness above the center lights. Here is the thread about it.

Another route is to do it yourself. When i was researching homelink mirrors, this was another option i was thinking about doing. Buy a homelink mirror yourself and just splice the wires to use the accessory harness. You can possibly even buy the OEM mirror from higher trims or other toyota vehicles if you want to keep the OEM style. I learned too that one of the Tacoma gen homelink mirrors uses a battery so no wires required but would have to buy a whole new mirror once the battery is dead if you like that idea.

I decided to just order from Bob's mirrors. Just easier plug and play.
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