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Sienna oil pan gasket problem & cv axle question, how hard to fix and still purchase?

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So, I have a Kia Sedona already and have changed both CV axles and a number of other repairs. A hassle, not great at it, but can get it done eventually.

So, I was in need of a back up to keep the family moving while repairing 1 vehicle, and dont have the funds for a brand new one.

My aunt has a 2002 Toyota Sienna. She is quite upper class, was the original owner of it and has taken it to the Toyota dealership for everything. INCLUDING getting AIR in the tires. Has 200k miles on. All records are available, very meticulously maintained. It does, however, need some work:

A cv axle (waiting on her copy of the diagnosis to verity)
Both brake rotors and brake drums
oil pan gasket is leaking (they estimated 500 dollars so I assume it was the lower)

My aunt is willing to sell it to me for 500. I feel like thats a solid price if I can make all the repairs myself.

The only thing that worries me is this oil pan gasket. I have read that it might be something else leaking so am planning to find some dye and test it out. I am also wondering about the cv took me over 3 weeks to change both of mine in the kia because of all the rusted parts, etc. Are there some real challenges I might be unaware of, and does anyone know if the strut needs to be compressed or removed before working on the sienna cv axle?

Any unknown unknowns you know of I should be aware of :) Sorry for the general nature of the question, but I dont even own it yet so havent had a chance to learn enough to focus my questions directly.
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Re: Sienna oil pan gasket problem & cv axle question, how hard to fix and still purch

If the Toyota dealer told her the gasket is leaking, it probably is, but that does not mean it has to be repaired. It could be just seeping.
Go for it, Man!
Go to an indy shop and have the axle and brake work done, get an opinion on the gasket and enjoy a vehicle with a lot more miles in her.
Thanks for the positive encouragement:) as long as the cv axle doesn't require something special it's not a big problem, just a pita. Don't want the strut blowing off in my face if I need to remove the spindle though.....

It does sound like a possible slow seep, so fingers crossed it's a nonissue.
Re: Sienna oil pan gasket problem & cv axle question, how hard to fix and still purch

Gee, a pan gasket is pretty trivial.

I'd swap that out myself, and see what's left. Brakes aren't complicated. Just be diligent.

Are you sure about the CV joint? Driver's side is easier than the passenger side, but not an easy job.

A/F ratio sensors and the oxygen sensor go bad on these vans. Has she ever had these replaced?

Also, the suspension components are certainly worn by this mileage--same question: are these original (struts, ball joints, etc)?
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