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I wanted to thank all the supporters/members for their input this year. It was a great year!! We do our best on our end. The forum has run very smooth.

EDIT feature is back. ;D
Looking into getting more "smilies" ;D

Stay tuned.
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Happy B-Day!! ;D 8)

And, yes....many thanks to our donators/supporters for helping to "keep the lights on" (remember, we are NOT advertising supported*), and to all of our wonderfully helpful and many knowledgeable contributors for making this a great community resource from which we all benefit.

Going into our 2nd year, we will see the arrival of the NEW 3rd generation (2011+) Sienna, and a few of our members have excitedly put in their orders. We have some great discussion and info regarding the hot new model.

Many more from the 2nd generation (2004 - 2010) will be going into high-mileage usage, while others have only recently been driven off dealers' lots. There are approximately 900K - 1million+ 2nd generation Siennas that have been sold in North America, and quite a few have found there way to several countries around the world, so there will be lots to share with one another for many years to come for this very popular model.

We are also getting more attention and contributions from 1st generation (1998 - 2003) owners too. Lets try to continue building a good reference for some of the common issues/problems that some of you have faced or might be experiencing now.

And as a reminder, we do have a section for the old Previa (US-market 1991 - 1997), so please don't be shy and do share any stories, pics, experiences, and tips you might have if you still have one now or had one before. I still see them around quite regularly in my area.

Remember, it's YOUR community too! Let's all make our 2nd year at SiennaChat even better!!

Thanks for your continued support and contributions! ;D 8)

* SiennaChat does accept a small amount of financial donation/support from a limited number of authorized vendors/partners in the form of a percentage or fixed amount of revenue derived from any successful referral-based sales. However, SiennaChat is primarily funded through the generous donations of our valuable Members and from the personal expenditures and sacrifices of the site owner. Site administrators/moderators are "volunteers" and receive no monetary compensation.
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Our 1st year stats:
14695 Posts in 1852 Topics by 2716 Members.

I also just Googled [Toyota Sienna forum] and we are now #3...even ahead of [Edmund's]. The 1st hit is run by a marketing firm (and their site has very little user's practically "dead" in there and there are RARELY any replies to a topic), and the 2nd one is for our friends at [ToyotaNation] which is advertising-supported and they are much larger in scope than our focus on the Sienna. When we started 1 yr ago, we didn't even crack the first few pages on Google.
Good job guys! Keep up the excellent work. ;D
Yup EDIT feature is back for everyone. ;D
It's been a busy week.

Some of you may know that SiennaChat turned 2 years old last week.
Thanks to all of you for your contributions in helping each other....and especially to our Founder, [sienna] and our generous [Supporting Members] and [Vendors] for helping to keep the "lights on and the computer servers humming", and to our staff of fellow volunteer [Admins/Moderators] for maintaining order on the site.

Some cumulative stats:
28417 Posts in 3474 Topics by 6150 Members.

Average registrations per day: 8.9
Average posts per day: 39.61
Average topics per day: 5.46
Average online per day: 55.42
Male to Female Ratio: 17.8:1
Average page views per day: 5018.03
Total page views: 3698286
Most Online: 214 - 2011-01-17, 18:27:03

We are now #1 if you do a Google search on [Toyota Sienna forum]. 8)

Very Best Wishes to All....
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Thanks everyone for the support and making this site a great community for everyone. So far we are averaging about 100gigs a month of transfer :)
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