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**Toyota of Danville Special Pricing Offer to SiennaChat members**

I David Chow (admin of approached Doug @ Toyota of Danville and asked for some clear pricing on the extended warranties. I have personally not purchased an extended warranty yet for my 08 Sienna with 25k miles. Doug has agreed to offer members special discounts on Toyota Parts, Accessories, Maintenance Items and extended warranties. The great part of this is, that each purchase from Toyota of Danville by members will benefit our forums! Toyota of Danville has agreed to pay back a small percentage of each purchase to the forums possibly allowing us to upgrade to a dedicated hosting machine.

So with Doug offering the extended warranty at street prices, check it out. Others on this forum and the previous siennaclub have said good things about Doug (Toyota of Danville). Give Doug a call or e-mail if your looking for new Sienna or an Toyota Sienna Extended Warranty from a official Toyota Dealer.

Don't get taken by your local dealer stealer sales person, finance manager or service advisor!!!
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I don't see either an email address or phone number to contact him with???,313.0.html

I just thought you all should know that there are about two million ways to get ahold of me:

Email: [email protected]
Toll Free 877-442-8474
--pretty cool, we just added a "live chat" button that you can talk to me live from our website (i run the site too)
Yahoo: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected] (gmail talk too)

Basically, I'm available just about all the time for questions or to look into specific things about your Toyota.

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