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I recently took on fixing the slide door lock actuator of my Toyota Sienna XLE 2004 and I wanted to share this repair cause it might help other people.

This is the lock actuator that operates when you unlock the car with the FOB (see image). I was not able to find the right replacement part online but I was convinced it was just a motor issue.

I was worried that the screws holding it to the door panel would be seized as many have reported online, but that was not the case. I could easily remove it from the panel using a regular screwdriver.


I pried the top open using a flat screwdriver in the points shown below. In my case it pried open quite easily and it seemed that it was just glued in place.


I noticed the motor (on the right in the image below) was not easily replaceable because the axel has a special connector to the infinite screw so that removed the possibility of replacing just the motor.

I noticed the GEN1 Door lock actuator is available in many places online and it's just ~18$. The motor compartment looked very similar to the GEN2 version so I gambled and gave it a trying purchasing a GEN1 version and hoping I could extract its motor (same side - in this case Driver Side).

I removed the motor from the GEN1 version (opened it using a Dremel), it is shown in the image below. The motor is the same as GEN2 with a different axle and a similar infinite screw. They are compatible. I placed the GEN1 motor in the GEN2 assembly and fixed the issue!


Hopes this helps!
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