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Sliding door screws tore through metal that hold closure piece in place: FIX!!! CHEAP

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Some one asked if anyone had this problem, but I can't find that thread so I hope you find this one. I have a 2004. The sliding door is held shut by a piece in the door held in place by 4 screws (low profile). The screws will eventually tear through the sheet metal on the door and the clasping piece will just float around in there. The "open door" light will be on - first clue you have this problem. I fixed mine after long hours of thinking & visiting the hardware stores. I found a piece of sheet metal in the basement & it was uphill from there. I used tin snips to cut the metal so it would cover the 2 screw holes that are at the rearend of the slider (have door all the way open & they face out). After using the snip tip to open a hole for the bolts, I placed a piece of duct tape (yes - duct tape!) on the side that faces the door. I poked a hole in that too. I lined up the holes over the door holes & put the bolts back in place (I used a flat head screw driver - it works even though the head is star shaped). I used the duct tape to hold down each end of the tin. I was missing one bolt (the one that faces the van) but the 3 I have hold the lock in place just fine. Do the same for the solo bolt that faces up.
I went to Toyota. They told me I needed to go to a body shop and have the piece welded back on. The fact that it was originally held in place by screws & the cheap metal of the door allowed them to tear through was not important to him. It was like speaking to a robot that can only give you prepared answers. I was driving around with the slider partially open for months (first it was just the door ajar light then it was daylight through the crack). I hope everyone with this problem sees this. If you don't have the problem now, look at the mechanism & keep an eye on it. This may help prevent that from ever happening if you do it before it tears through because it will... In case you're wondering why I used the duct tape with the metal.. I did it because the added strength of the duct tape should help keep the screws from tearing through this tin also.
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Re: Sliding door screws tore through metal that hold closure piece in place: FIX!!! C

This was the other post:

I have a roll of the real 3M aluminum duct tape left over from a new furnace installation that I've used for all sorts of crazy repairs. That might be a step up from the fabric duct tape if you end up having to do the other side.
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