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I'm still getting used to my "new" 06 Limited. Everything else with the engine appears to be running smoothly. However I've got some likely related conditions. I'm hoping this is just a sign that I need some tuning done, but I can see possible expensive repairs needed and I've only got 10 weeks left on my used purchase warranty.

1) Sluggish initial acceleration ... I know it is a minivan and I'm definitely not treating it as anything but. However even when lightly loaded (ie, just me) the initial acceleration from 0 is pretty anemic. When fully loaded (tested today while ferrying around 7 full grown adults) it is definitely sluggish

2) When going up a hill, for instance stopped on a steep city street in Seattle, I have to hold the brake to avoid sliding backwards (just me in the car, no load) and when going need to use both feet ... 1 on brake slowly releasing while pushing down on the acclerator ... or I slip backwards

3) Reverse on a slight incline (ie, reversing with the rear higher than the front) requires significant accelerator use to get moving

Once I'm up to 10mph everything seems fine -except- in the last scenario

4) Fully loaded (7 passengers) on a fairly steep hill (10% or so) I need to go all the way down to 2nd or even Low to be able to accelerate through 30mph

I'm doing a little more long-distance driving this week to do my final testing before I take it to a mechanic that will work under my warranty plan (typical 3 month / 3,000 mile used warranty). I'm curious what I should tell him to look at first with regards to the above?
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