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This was me a few weeks ago: Overheat issues . . .

Over the weekend I did the following:

  • replaced the coolant bypass hose (that runs across the 'V' of the engine, beneath the intake manifold
  • knock sensors
  • replaced the rear valve cover gasket + spark plug tube gaskets
  • replaced rear spark plugs
  • replaced the thermostat

Parts used:
  • 16261-20010 (Toyota water by-pass hose)
  • NGK branded knock sensors
- VS50291 (Mahle valve cover gasket kit)
  • 90916-A3003 (Toyota thermostat)
  • various gaskets

Put everything back together, and now there's is smoke originating from what appears to be near the bottom of the engine on the passenger side (timing belt side). Also, a very loud, unsettling sound. Video at the end.

Doing the work:

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When it was all put back together: 馃槶

2 min video:

Before doing all the tasks above, the car sat for about 3 weeks.

The plastic timing belt cover gets quite hot, and there is smoke coming from below the timing belt cover. The smell of the smoke is not burning oil or burning of coolant.

What's going on here? Is it the coolant pump ?? :(

I let the car idle for about 6-7 minutes, the temperature gauged went higher than middle, and started overheating.

There is some coolant dripping from the car.

[B]jseyfert3[/B], please take a look at the video - what do you think is going on?

Any help would be oh so much appreciated.




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