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smoke at start up - engine valve seals

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I know there is an older post on this topic, so I wanted to give it a refresher in case no one is following the oldie.
My 2004, 97,000 miles, Sienna emits white smoke at start up in the morning ONLY. Throughout the rest of the day, it's fine. A toyota master tech said it was the valve stems that needed to be replaced. I read elsewhere that this is caused by some oil leak overnight when the car is cold and I should check oil often. It's about a $2,000 fix, so i'm hoping I won't need to do anything soon. What type of oil should I use and has anyone else that has had this problem noticed a rapid loss of oil?
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What type of oil are you using now? I would switch to a high mileage oil. I wouldn't even bother spending 2K on a repair unless it leaked so much oil that you'd be adding a quart a week. Maybe you can try Mobil 1 High mileage.

Regards, JC.
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