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Solution for the vibration on 2015 Sienna at 1250RPM

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There is a vibration on 2015 Sienna when engine speed at around 1250 RPM. Some vehicles are very minor, and others could be very severe. The vibration on my 2015 Sienna sometimes was very severe and along with the lower frequency drone noise. This had made me feeling very headache and ears pain. Had brought it to the dealer several times for a inspection. Nothing found! Had test another brand new 2015 Sienna SE, did the same thing, just a little better than mine. The last time I went to the dealer, they did something on the CAT converter. Before, there were four lock washer on the 4 bolts (with spring on it) those connects the CAT converter to the front and rear manifold pipe. The service tech removed those lock washers and tightened the four bolts. Because they believed that the vibration was caused by the looseness of those joins. But after I picked up my Sienna , I found the vibration was worse than before. Then I was thinking if I made it a little looser, would it be a little better?? So what I did is put 2 flat washer and 1 lock washer on each bolt. After I tightened those bolts, the spring on it will only be compressed 1 to 2 turns. I test drove my Sienna after doing this. The vibration almost went away. There is only minor vibration when cold start the car. Those drone noise also is not noticeable. If you are experiencing the vibration on your Sienna. You may try this on your car(you can put more or less washers on your bolts, just remember do not make the spring too tight, so the washer amount may vary on different vehicle). Please see the following pic for the washer size and position of CAT converter.


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I read through this whole thread but not sure what you mean by packing the donuts. Can you clarify?
I have the exact same issue with my. Sienna 2019. Did you figure it out?
Are you asking him about the drone at 1200 or 900?
If you click on a persons name you can see when they were last on this site. In this case that guy hasn't been back for about 5 years so I dont think he's going to reply.
Post 15 he wrote that. 2 days later, post 16, he said he removed the bracket that clamps to the exhaust and it went away. He posted 2 pictures.
Does that answer your question?
Mine does the same thing. The colder it gets the worse it is. Fortunately its been an very mild winter here in southern Ontario so it isnt as irritating as it was last year.
I am seriously considering yanking it off myself though if we get a cold snap and it starts to piss me off again.
I dont think its a defect or a problem with the engine, its call drone or harmonic resonance. If there was a problem with the engine then removing one clamp shouldnt make the sound stop.
All cars exhibit this type of sound, some are just more pronounced than others. Because that section of exhaust pipe is rigidly held in place it acts like a megaphone to transmit it more. Previous gens had a braided flex pipe in that area and because those ones could flex with the engine it wasnt as pronounced.

I used to have a stock Tundra years back. I did some exhaust and intake mods and the drone was so bad it would rattle your teeth. This is the exact same idea, its droning.

A proper fix?
Go to a local exhaust shop and ask them to mod a rubber hanger in place similar to the mid and back sections of the exhaust. This way you still have support but its not firm.

Remove the bracket and call it done.

One last option, have a local exhaust shop make something called a helmholtz resonator.
Funny thing just happened to me. Tonight I had to run some errands and when I pulled out of my driveway the noise was really bad. I found that if I hold my foot on the brake, while in drive, and hold the revs at 1250 it was brutal. Way worse than it normally is and not just my usual cold start, same RPM drone. I crawled under to have a look. Theres a huge chunk of ice built up between the gas tank and the exhaust center pipe. Obviously there's no ice on the pipe itself but its resting up against the pipe support. I suspect this ice is causing my nasty rattle right now. I didnt have time to pull it in the garage, jack it up, and knock all the ice off. Around here its supposed to be 3C tomorrow and I'm hoping most of that ice will melt off. If the noise goes away I know thats what caused it. If its still there I'll pull into the garage after work tomorrow and see what else I can see that might be obvious. I too will post back what I find.
That being said I still have the 1250 cold drone.

When did you start having your problem?
Have you tried holding your foot on the gas same as I did and see if you can duplicate it? Dont just rev it up, but hold it at that rev range.
Not sure where you're located but any chance you also might have some sort of ice build up as well?
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Dude, what exactly do you want? If you have that drone at around 1200 RPM it has nothing to do with any sensors or fuel type. Its a crap design flaw they never caught during the design phase. My guess, most likely when they dropped the braided front pipe from previous models, probably to save a buck, is when this started, but it wont go away. So live with it or change it. There are several ways to try and cancel out the harmonic imbalance. Here is a thread that has another solution so maybe give this a try.

At the end of the day, if you have drone its the harmonic imbalance between the engine and the exhaust creating matching sound waves bouncing off each other. Removing a bracket or adding a damper weight changes the frequencies and that is treating the cause, not the symptom.

If you have some other sort of problem not related to drone then take it to your dealer and ask them to fix it.
Never said it isnt a sensor problem or couldnt be fuel related, but you're saying you have that distinct 1200 RPM vibration that many have.
Feel free to re read what I wrote above.
If you have drone that has nothing to do with a poorly running engine. Sure bad gas can make your car run like crap, so can many other things, but it doesnt cause drone and higher octane fuel wont remedy harmonic distortion like that. Not sure how else to say it.
Thats why I said if your problem isnt that distinct drone take it to your dealer. If you can replicate it at any time it shouldnt be that hard for them to find the problem.
You said you have a 2019 and have had a problem since last summer so guessing it should have still been under the bumper to bumper warranty, even now you should still have powertrain warranty.
If you have already taken it in what did they say?
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