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Source for a good cargo barrier/wall/divider/net?

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I knew we were going to fill the van to capacity this past weekend for a big camping trip, and didn’t want the kids getting buried in gear, so I put in a piece of plywood that usually lives in the back of my old land cruiser. It fit great and I just wedged it against the back of the 2nd row seats and piled the gear in. There was a chair bag under the left side to level it out better.

Does anyone have a good source for a divider that’s easier to stow?! I’ve seen some cargo net style ones, as well as the metal dog barriers. Generally we’d have the 3rd row stowed and fill the back so being able to mount it behind the 2nd row is ideal.
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We’ve got a 7 seater so it’d need everything blocked. Those universal barriers always seem super flimsy and I doubt they’d do much to stop things moving forward in a crash.

This is a cool option, but $170 is spendy for cargo netting, and I’d want the $280 version with added mesh.

I think something more “generic,” but essentially the same, would be cool. This is $100 and has 6” square openings:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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