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Hi all, I am fairly new here, but I wanted to comment on the amount of spam that I have witnessed on this forum. I have recently been made a moderator and am now part of the administrative staff. Great to be on board! Quick tidbit of back history on me. I've been a long time moderator over on (another autoguide managed forum). Through that I asked to become a part of the staff here in an effort to clean up some of the spam.

I spent around an hour this evening just deleting spam and banning users. I believe I got the vast majority of it, but I need to be sure I have gotten it all and anything new! I need all members help to do that! PLEASE REPORT the offending post/user as soon as you see spam! I will deal with it as soon as possible.

Again, it's great to be on board and please help me keeping this place a spam free environment!

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Glad to see you here. Welcome aboard and good luck with the spammers!!

Regards, JC.
We actually DON'T have a reported posts forum even in yet! Waiting on the super admin to put one in (I can't do that). So until further notice, reporting a user, post, or thread won't do anything at all. I'll let everyone know when that changes! Should be up within 2-3 days.

Thanks for the reply JC!

Another update. Thank you from one member for reporting spam. As of now I get it sent to my email whenever someone reports a post! So keep reporting and I'll deal with it as soon as I can!
Okay all we now have a reported posts forum in place! When you report, it will put it in the proper place and I will be able to deal with it promptly.
Breeves: Good to hear! Mo contacted me some weeks back asking if I wanted some 'delete' powers to help deal with this problem as I'm pretty regular around here (lots of fiber helps keep me regular!.... j/k). Anyhow, glad to see someone is finally playing Policeman.
PM Sent :)

Again to ALL, PLEASE REPORT! I've been individually going through each forum, but all the deleted spam posts still show up for me. So it's hard to get through everything. I need people to report the spam for me to be able to get it all!

Thanks for everyones help on making this a spam-free environment.

If there is spam that I have not gotten within 30 minutes of reporting it, shoot me a PM and I'll take care of it right away!
Thanks. I have not looked at the forum for a while, and the cleanup is readily apparent.

There was a reporting scheme working in the past, although the administrator of the time said to send direct messages.
Well the reporting is now working well! I got your report from earlier and sent you a PM. Let me know if you didn't get it and I'll see why PM's aren't working!

Just curious does anyone know how long this forum has been VB4? Was it originally VB3?
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