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My "new" 2003 Sienna came with gray protective stuff on bumpers and lower body. I think it's rubber, since the original owner's sales slip notes an extra charge for "rear bumper protector." I like it, and am fine with its being gray and matte. That said, I do read about various protectants designed to bring the gray back to black, and protect from UV damage.

I don't know if the original color WAS black; it may have always been gray, and I found one image online of a similar Sienna, desert sand mica, with gray trim -- just darker gray than mine. maybe it was always gray. Here's a photo:

Apparently all these protectants are quite temporary, and OK at bottom of van but if used on trim or roof rack, can make black streaks down the van's paint.

I'm already quite bonded with this van, and want to take excellent care of it. So does it make any sense to use something special on the gray parts? If so, which one do you recommend? Adding a photo of my own van.


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