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squeaky driver's door when opening. anyone else experience this?

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sad to see siennaclub down. Anyway, the driver's side door creaks bad when opening. I tried lithium grease and it did not eliminate it. Now I fear the door is getting worse and popping more? Anyone experience this? Any recalls on this problem? Its on a '06 LTD AWD. Thanks!
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There are 2 problems with these doors.

#1 is the door check. There is play at the "a" pillar. If you open the door all the way and close it to half way you will see the play at the plastic piece (black) that is between the 2 hinges.

#2 is that the door welds for the sticker have broken away. This is on the door itself.

Put the plastic piece(stricker) in between your fingers and swing the door back and forth you will know if it is coming from inside the door or from the "a" pillar.
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