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Last week, I could not start the car. All the lights looks very bright and very normal. When starting, the dash lights looked normal, so, I eliminated a weak battery. It was like the car ran out of fuel. It will keep turning but won't start. After some tries, it won't turn. The hours later, it started with some hesitation, or some times, it won't turn.

First, I plugged in two different OBDII tools, and both reported no error code. I gave the battery a trickle charge. Yesterday, it starting did not sound like a no-fuel start, it sounded more like starter going bad. Now it always starts, but with a little initial hickup.

I will link two starting audio in my Google drive hoping you'll be able to open the audio to listen and tell me if the issue is the starter or something else it might be.

AUDIO 1 of 2

AUDIO 2 of 2
The starter sounds normal to me, but it's hard to say just listening to those files. Do you have any other symptoms like rough running, skipping, hesitation, smoke out of the exhaust etc? It could be you have 2 types of problems, one possibly weak battery, bad cables/ground, weak starter etc, and then the second related to the engine itself like low fuel pressure, bad plugs, bad coils etc.
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