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Steering Wheel Radio Controls Unresponsive

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Hello gang, anyone come across issues with their steering wheel radio controls?

Our issue appears to be with the next and previous buttons on the bottom right of the wheel. Occasionally, they will not respond to being pressed to change the radio station. The only solution appears to be to change the station on the touch screen, and once that’s done the wheel buttons work again.

It seems like a software issue, so we can’t be the only ones affected, but I haven’t seen this one in the forums. 2022 XLE AWD.
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Yes, mine does this. 2022 LE AWD. The issue never seems to happen when it's at the dealer, so all they can do is check for software updates, which I already did. I did figure out a work around to fix it--press the audio button on the center screen, then press one preset back from what you are on, then press the preset you were originally on. Then the steering wheel buttons work again.

This is a big pain though...I'd love to hear if you find a fix.

I think if we can find a way to replicate it consistently, the dealer can look into it. Definitely seems like a software issue.

We’ve relied on doing the same, switching the source then tapping the touch screen to change the station. That seems to resolve it until it happens again the next time.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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