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Suggest me a good website to get the window sticker for 2014 Toyota sienna

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Hope you guys are doing well, I'm happy to be in this forums, straight to the point, I'm looking to get a 2014 Toyota Sienna, from a friends and looking to get a window sticker for it, I want know the specifications and packages installed on this car, can you guys recommend me a good site for that.

Thanks guys.
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There is NO WAY to check packages in the VIN. It has not been since the change to the new format happened back in the 80's. Here is all that the VIN will tell you. And where you see it say the 4th -8th are brand, engine size and style, style only means "coupe, sedan, pickup, minivan" etc. Not LE, XLE or Limited, towing or anything else.

You can take the VIN and plug it in to and they will print out a replica of how your van was delivered to it's first owner.

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Toyota could use the serial number to lookup a particular vehicle and tell you the packages, if they so chose to do so.
Mazda has a program to do this for at least their Miata owners. I'm not sure that it extends to other model but I dno't see why they wouldn't. With the VIN number they can tell you exactly how your Miata left the factory in Hiroshima. This includes things like port added foglights on early NBs but not things that were dealer installed. The Monroney sticker includes everything on the car when it was delivered to the original owner regardless of the installer.

You can either call them or use their online Chat app to get this info.
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