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Suggest me a good website to get the window sticker for 2014 Toyota sienna

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Hope you guys are doing well, I'm happy to be in this forums, straight to the point, I'm looking to get a 2014 Toyota Sienna, from a friends and looking to get a window sticker for it, I want know the specifications and packages installed on this car, can you guys recommend me a good site for that.

Thanks guys.
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AFAIK, all VAG and for that matter German vehicles have a Data Card associated with the vehicle which is the list of every factory installed component/package.That is one way the vehicle assembly is marked complete before being allowed to leave the floor. I have had it printed for all our vehicles, owned or leased. Some dealers give you a hard time printing it for you but most will happily oblige. It runs around 12-15 pages but is very handy and takes all guess work out if you ever decide to sell it.

When we purchased our van, the Toyota dealer or the parts guy had no idea what I was talking about and kept referring me to the window sticker. I didn't push for it but am sure something like this exists for every brand. Whether Toyota and others choose to publish and share it with customers is a different matter. Worth checking with the dealer.
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