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Suggest me a good website to get the window sticker for 2014 Toyota sienna

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Hope you guys are doing well, I'm happy to be in this forums, straight to the point, I'm looking to get a 2014 Toyota Sienna, from a friends and looking to get a window sticker for it, I want know the specifications and packages installed on this car, can you guys recommend me a good site for that.

Thanks guys.
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Window stickers can be printed for a modest fee at Monroney Labels

Watch out for websites that promises free ones. They are sometimes scams or have catches.

Or, you could print the important three or so pages from the 2013 Sienna sales brochure and visually check to see what features the vehicle has: Sienna_2013.pdf

If you're looking at an L or LE trim and require the tow prep package, you'll have to visually look for its components. Look for the engine oil cooler on the front of the engine. It can be difficult to see. There's a forum thread that shows what it looks like.

The various packages are fairly easy to identify. Tell us the trim (L, LE, SE, XLE, Limited) and we might be able to provide more specific information.

Don't bother using the VIN lookup on the Toyota website to tell you about the Sienna. It became inaccurate sometime in the past and no longer gives accurate information about trim levels, packages and options. I know that it no longer works for our 2012 Prius or for the 2014 Sienna I recently sold but it might be accurate for newer Toyotas.
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Thanks @Geezer1 for the details, @Costa ray Thanks for helping me out, here is the VIN number: 5TDKK3DC8DS304446 , I really appreciate it, Customer said this car has no packages installed.
Although I said that the Toyota VIN lookup has not been reliable, it does indicate that this Sienna LE has: "TO Towing Prep Package Factory".

Here's a link to "superman moderator" fibber2's information on how to identify the tow prep package on Sienna prior to 2017: 2013 Toyota Sienna LE Transmission Oil Cooler

And here's a link to the Toyota VIN lookup page: Vehicle Specification | Toyota Owners

Maybe Toyota's VIN lookup is partially accurate. I just now looked up the VIN for the 2014 Limited I recently sold and it still shows only one of its three packages and no longer shows any of the port installed accessories.
I checked my VIN yesterday and don’t see the towing package, but I do have the engine oil cooler. Though I also read at some rear in the 3rd gens Toyota just started added the oil cooler as default, instead of making it a towing package.

The VIN lookup said I have active head restraints, but there’s certainly no active SRS component in my headrests.
The tow prep package was standard for 2014 per the brochure which can't always be trusted: Sienna_2014.pdf

But then, the tow prep package became "less standard" for 2015! That's why it's best to check for the engine oil cooler to see if a Sienna has the tow prep package.

The VIN lookup never showed the tow prep package when it was standard - only when it was an option and the vehicle has it.

Your Sienna really does have what Toyota called active headrests. It's nothing fancy ... just a mechanical feature. Here's a video about it:
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