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The AWD XLE Premium hunt along with truecar, dealership lies and the magic towing pkg

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oh boy... buying a vehicle sure is a way to stay occupied.

Been looking for the following:

XLE Premium in AWD
Any exterior color except white
rubber floor mats
roof rack cross bars
cargo net

Building it on we get to 42.063$ MSRP for it. Using the USAA car buying service with two different zip codes we got quotes from 37.216-39.800$.
Nobody seems to have any AWD in stock and still keeps on calling and sending me emails to come in to buy a FWD instead. I keep explaining that AWD is a must and hence its a Sienna. If I wanted FWD there would be a different manufacturer in mind. They don't get it.

One dealer Lustine in Woodbridge VA has 3 different sales people call me. One of them claims that she has a 2015 XLE Premium AWD in green on the lot. I asked her to double check on green but she insists its green. Checking their inventory they have no XLE AWD's at all but they insist for me to come in so they can sell me one.

How come to the black interior is only available on the SE? It makes no sense to me either.

Asking the towing package and how its not available on the website the new claim is that the website is wrong.
This post on the towing forum seems to contradict the dealer.

Does anyone know if the 2016 Sienna would offer and XLE Premium with black interior and towing?

Did other people have the same issues trying to find their vehicle?
Price seems about right according to the prices post here:
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Re: The AWD XLE Premium hunt along with truecar, dealership lies and the magic towing

Just bought one from Fitzgerald Toyota last weekend. 2015 Shoreline blue XLE AWD Premium that was DX from Antwerpen Toyota. Came with carpet pkg, and the cross bar thing. MSRP @ $42055, OTD $40k. We financed $15.7k 0%$500 Toyota cash or 1.99% $1000 Toyota cash net payment within a couple dollar. It's a OK deal. We've spoken to couple dealers about when 16 Sienna will be here, trying to figure if we should wait but they all said still building 15 in Oct no idea when 16 will start.(They're all lying!!!:(:mad:???) Anyway there's couple XLE AWD Premium at Carmax Laurel Toyota just popped up if you are still in market.
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