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The climate hose Tee's issue

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As I posted a while back about a road trip in June coming back from a cross country trip I had one of the 2 tee's fall apart while on I-40 it was cool and rainy so I saw the mist right away from under the hood caught it in time had a tow to Moriarity NM. about 39 miles from where I pulled off the interstate. A shop repaired it for 300 bucks They used a brass pex fitting 3/4" and used screw type hose clamps for the job. I was good with that well still am. So today I figured I better do the other one that is left so I bought a brass tee 3/4" pex and 3 new screw clamps I think the cost was 12 bucks... LOL AS I removed one of the factory pinch / squeeze clamps I saw that one end was starting to crumble apart. I am glad I finally got around to it as I am getting ready to go on a fall trip. I am glad I did not wait as when I started to remove the pinch/ squeeze clamp OEM I could see the tee crumbling it was only a matter of time till it would leak. So the Moral of this story is DO NOT WAIT.. Change them both My 2008 XLE is alive !

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That is indeed good advice. I was made aware of this issue couple years ago by an ex siennachat member who had an 08 Sienna with almost 400k miles. Earlier this year I renewed the coolant and replaced both Ts with the oem plastic ones as a preemptive measure. While removing one, it broke like yours did. 06 Sienna now with 205k miles.
OEM part number, T plastic fittings ……..87248-60460. These are conservatively good for 150k miles YMMV.
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