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Happy Saturday SiennaChat Folks !!!

June 17, 2022 marked 1 Year of the delivery of ‘Shinkansen’ !!!

Font Emblem Symbol T-shirt Crest

In such a short time, this Project has come quite a long way since it’s delivery on Day 1.

It has filled the shoes tremendously from my previous Prius Project.

I’ve met many great new friends and companies during this time. 'Shinkansen' has spent countless hours in the garage and at various shops as well.

I'm looking forward to many more great years ahead !!!

Here's a brief history of 'Shinkansen' ...

Delivery at Longo Toyota, Southern California on 06/17/21

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Land vehicle

First Modification : SEMA Stainless Steel License Frame

Font Gadget Bumper Rectangle Automotive design

One of the many Tech Days and Nights in the Garage installing new modifications !!!

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

And 'Shinkansen' was at various shops as well too !!!

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

First Major Milestone ... SEMA 2021 !!!

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

Then, featured inside of StyleWagon Japan's January 2022 Issue

Publication Font Book cover Book Advertising

ACC Air Runner Systems' 2022 Catalog Covers

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Represented at the OEM Audio+ Booth at the 2022 Toyota Fest

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

We've come a long way and looking forward to more connections and modifications in the years to come !!!

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive carrying rack

Cheers 'Shinkansen' !!!

- Rodney

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Hi finally installed everything and came out amazing!
Thanks for the information you provided.
However I came across one issue at the end.
The power trunk door when operated automatically does not close completely. It comes one inch short of closing, beeps and stops there as if there is something blocking. When I close manually it closes and latches without any issues.
I reinforced sensors on the hatch. I'll try to reinforce again later today all the stuff I removed for installation.
Any suggestions is appreciated. View attachment 56880
Check the round bump stoppers that can be adjusted... perhaps got turned during lights replacement??

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Happy Father's Day SiennaChat Folks !!!

It's a 3W Tech Day Weekend !!!

Many thanks to 3W Liners for the 3W ‘PROHolder’ Clip Phone Holder for the 4th Generation 2021+ Toyota Sienna !!!

This features a 360 Degree Adjustable Phone Cradle for iPhone and Samsung 4-7 Inch phones. This provides Wireless Charging and has a One Touch Design : The infrared sensor to detect tge phone and will close and secure it automatically. There is a side button to open when ready.

Keeps my iPhone and it’s charging cable separate and out of the way for clear and safe access.

Get Yours on Amazon :


Font Magenta Tints and shades Rectangle Logo

Font Automotive design Gadget Bumper Rectangle

The top tab of the mounting unti will be tucked in first ...

Automotive design Steering part Vehicle door Steering wheel Window

Then clicked and fastened below

Car Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive design Hood

Automotive design Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle door Head restraint

Plug in the wiring to the back of the unit ...

Wood Gas Machine Auto part Hardwood

Wiring hidden between the driver side center console padding and center console ...

Hood Automotive design Personal luxury car Automotive exterior Gadget

Charging system plugged into the 12V outlet under the center console, and wiring hidden underneath the padding ...

Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior Carbon Bumper

Complete !!!

Netbook Gadget Audio equipment Input device Cameras & optics

Overall, I am very pleased with the wireless charging and secure mounting. It keeps everything visible and within reach.

- Rodney

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Hey there Sienna Chat Folks !!!

We are Celebrating 65,000 Views Since Day 1 of The ’Shinksansen’ Build here on Sienna Chat !!!

With a year now behind us, we are ... Onward to 100K and SEMA 2023 !!!

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

More modifications and experiences coming soon !!!

Thank you for your tremendous support Everyone !!!

- Rodney

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Hey there SiennaChat Folks !!!

In 2017, the Toyota National Headquarters in Torrance, CA was sold and was relocated to Plano, TX.

Currently, the Torrance campus has been progressing towards redevelopment and now the entire main building has been fenced.

I’ve had many great memories there through the years and met many wonderful friends.

My last visit on Campus prior to closure ...

Cloud Sky Plant Land lot Grass

Cloud Sky Plant Building Tree

After the closure ... Photo taken of my Prius early 2021 with one of the building signage on Western Avenue already removed ...

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

With Shinkansen, June 2022 with the fencing already in place ...

Sky Hood Cloud Shade Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Car

I’ll definitely miss The Campus yet I’m proud to continue collaborating with Plano

Sky Daytime Building Tree Architecture

- Rodney
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