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Happy Friday SiennaChat folks !!!

Road to SEMA 2021 : Many thanks to Toyo Tires for their continued sponsorship from my 2010 Prius to my 2021 Sienna.

The Toyo Proxes Sport A/S was the obvious choice for this project.

“The Proxes Sport A/S ultra-high performance all-season tire delivers excellent wet and dry braking with a newly developed specialized silica compound. A dynamic taper and improved rib design create more even contact pressure while braking and added stability while cornering. Spirited drivers will enjoy an exhilarating sports experience at a great value with Proxes Sport A/S.” -

For more information on the Toyo Proxes Sport A/S : Proxes Sport A/S - New ultra-high performance all-season tire

Automotive tire Automotive design Grey Font Sleeve

At the Toyo Tires Headquarters for Will Call pickup ...

Sky Cloud Asphalt Road surface Tree

Picked up and stacked !!!

Car Land vehicle Tire Wheel Vehicle

Tire Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber Wheel

Toyo Tires Proxes Sport A/S All Season Tire

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Motor vehicle

265/35R22 !!! The largest tire I have ever used !!!

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire

Deep tread ...

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Synthetic rubber

Quality beyond comparison !!!

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Thank you for your continued support !!!

We'll see you all at The Show !!!

- Rodney

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Saturday Tech Day !!!

Many thanks to Jackie / 3W Liners for the 2021+ Sienna All Weather Custom Fit Floor Liners for the upcoming SEMA Show !!!

The 3W Floor Liners provide a deep groove design that captures dirt and spills without getting to the carpet. This is a nice snug and secure custom fit and each piece aligns perfectly with the interior trim and each other.

To order yours for :

7 Passenger / Additional $10 DISCOUNT Code : SIENNA2021
Link : 3W Liners - 7 Passenger

8 Passenger / Additional $10 DISCOUNT Code : sienna8
Link : 3W Liners - 8 Passenger

Overall I am very pleased with the Floor Liners !!!

Daytime Automotive tire White Road surface Infrastructure

Comparison of OEM Toyota Floor Liner (L) vs. 3W Liner (R) ...

Grille Hood Automotive design Automotive exterior Grey

The 3W Liners (R) include the side entry coverage !!!

Hood Grille Automotive design Automotive tire Bumper

Included supplemental instructions (Plastic tool also included) ...

Font Material property Handwriting Parallel Paper

Prior to installation, clean / vacuum all carpeted areas ...

Grille Hood Automotive lighting Light Motor vehicle

Everything is tucked away secure and tight ...

Hood Automotive design Vehicle Grey Carbon

Grille Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

Hood Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive design Rectangle

And ... No obstructions during usage or storage of the ottomans !!!

Now it's time to relax !!!

Plant Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Head restraint

Many thanks again to 3W Liners for their support of the upcoming SEMA Show !!!

Go order yours today !!!

- Rodney

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Happy Monday Sienna Chat Folks !!!

On my recent trip to Hawaii, I noticed the Hawaii State Vehicle Safety Inspection Decals & License Plate Brackets (Vertical & Horizontal Versions) on many vehicles.

These decals represent the vehicle’s compliance to the safety requirements required by the State of Hawaii.

And so of course … I was able to purchase Vintage (non-commissioned) Decals and both brackets !!!

Japan Emissions Decals - Complete !!!
Hawaii Safety Compliance Decals - Complete !!!

Pictured here on a Horizontal Bracket on a Sienna in Waikiki, Hawaii ...

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light

Pictured here on a Vertical Bracket on a 350Z also in Waikiki, Hawaii ...

Vehicle registration plate Car Vehicle Wheel Tire

The decals arrived !!! From IG : @BigKahunaStickerShop

Product Rectangle Font Material property Symbol

Purchased 2 each of both the different bracket versions ...

Vertical Bracket ...

Sleeve Font Electric blue Fashion accessory Nickel

Horizontal Bracket ...

Nickel Metal Composite material Fashion accessory Rectangle

Which did I choose for this project ??!!

Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Grille

Mahalo Nui to IG : @BigKahunaStickerShop for the Decals !!!

Font Electric blue Rectangle Brand Graphics

Rectangle Font Electric blue Parallel Technology

Have a great week and Aloooooha !!!

- Rodney

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Happy Friday SiennaChat Folks !!!

My New Vintage Toyota Technician Uniforms are ready to go !!!

Newly embroidered are both "" and "Shinkansen" in Japanese (Katakana).

Fresh from the Dry Cleaners and stowed away until Show Time soon :)

Textile Sleeve Automotive design Font Asphalt

Purchase 2 of these as these are now hard to locate ...

Outerwear Jersey Product Textile Sleeve

This uniform features the hidden button design ...

Outerwear White Black Jersey Textile

Official !!!

Sleeve Grey Font Material property Tints and shades

"Shinkansen" in Japanese (Katakana) ...

Sleeve Textile Font Grey Material property

"" !!!

Outerwear Sleeve Grey T-shirt Font

Crunch time continues !!!

- Rodney

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Rise and Shine Saturday Morning (10/16/21) !!!

Rays ‘Homura 2X15BD’ x Toyo ‘Proxes Sport A/S’ Mount and Balance Installation Complete !!!

Many thanks to Murray and Junior here at America’s Tire, Long Beach, CA for the Touchless Installation.

America’s Tire has been my Go To for great customer service, competitive pricing, and special care of the projects through the years.
@AmericasTire #AmericasTire Thank you guys !!!

Here at 7:30 am !!!

Plant Sky Property Fixture Building

Once opened, it was like waiting in the baby delivery room !!!

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire Floor Automotive exterior

The machine ...

Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood

Murray had worked on my previous project, the 2010 Toyota Prius !!! Here is back again :)
He did an awesome and immaculate job without any scratches to the surface !!!

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior

Balancing time !!!

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Almost done !!!

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread

And we are complete !!! Headed home :)

Wheel Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire Hubcap

Again, many thanks to Murray, Junior, and the America's Tire family here in Long Beach, CA for always taking extra special care of my projects.

What project is next ??!!

- Rodney

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Wow..when you come to vegas let me know...i wanna see this beast in person!
Hello @kmpg89 !!!

Thanks, the vehicle will be on display in front and outside of Central Hall at the LVCC from November 2-5th.

You'll see it there !!!

- Rodney

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Happy Tuesday SiennaChat Folks !!!

‘Shinkansen’ is Torklift EcoHitch Complete !!!

Many thanks to Torklift Central for their sponsorship of the EcoHitch for the upcoming SEMA Show.
EcoHitch is a concealed design hitch. This particular model, only the receiver is visible. It is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Made in the USA.

If your Sienna is equipped with the Rear Kick Sensor, this product WILL NOT INTERFERE with this function

Visit for details on all of their great products.

Torklift is a SEMA Member Company and will be at the New West Hall at the SEMA Show. Visit Jenna, Kyler, and the Torklift Team at Booth #61128 !!!

Order for your 2021+ Sienna here : 2021 Toyota Sienna - ONLY trailer hitch that does NOT block kick sensor – with Stainless Steel receiver

Overall I’m very satisfied with the design, safety, towability, and ease of installation of EcoHitch !!!

@torklift @torklift_international

I will not include a DIY in this post as the kit includes Installation Instructions. And, there are several great threads on here covering the installation as well !!!

Here are my photos ...

Saw the Torklift Central folks at the recent SubieFest in Southern California !!!

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Smile Car

The Torklift EcoHitch for the Sienna arrived !!!

Wood Electric blue Metal Strap Fashion accessory

Specifications ...

Rectangle Font Electric blue Magenta Advertising

Removal of the rear bumper brace ...

Hood Automotive tire Blue Motor vehicle Bumper

Relocation of the Kick Sensor wiring. Fully functional Kick Sensors remain after installation.

Musical instrument Wood Font Slope Electric blue

Measurement of the Receiver clearance under the bumper ...

Tire Wheel Hood Automotive tire Vehicle

Installed !!!

Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Vehicle

Sky Cloud Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle

And finally ... the finishing touch ...

Toyota Receiver Cover OEM Part # PT228-35960-HP

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting

Final review and comparison to the Toyota OEM Hitch/Receiver ...

Pricing :
Toyota OEM $840.00 (Hitch w/Wire Harness)
Torklift EcoHitch (Hitch $330.99 + $120 Wiring Harness = $450.99)

Design :
Toyota OEM : The horizontal hitch is exposed underneath the bumper.
Torklift EcoHitch : The horizontal hitch is hidden behind the bumper. "Completely concealed design - only receiver is visible."

Kick Sensor Functionality : (Hands free Power Back Door function) :
Toyota OEM : "Selection of the genuine Toyota tow hitch will require removing or disabling the kick sensor, and the sensor operation setting in your vehicle should be turned off."
Torklift EcoHitch : "Only trailer hitch that does NOT block kick sensor."
*With the Platinum trim, I paid to have this function and to have it removed/disabled would have wasted my money.

Sustainability / Materials :
Toyota OEM : Unknown
Torklift EcoHitch : "Made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials."

For more information on each product and to see which product is right for you, you can visit :

Hope that helps !!! Now it's time to go Camping !!!

- Rodney

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Someone once said is a dead site.

Well in less than 4 months … Cheers to 20K views !!!

Automotive parking light Car Tire Wheel Vehicle

Thank you for a great platform for All Generations of Sienna Owners and Enthusiasts and Special Thanks to The Viewers for your support !!!

I will continue to share my adventures in Sienna modifications

Onward to the next milestone … 50K !!!

Stay Tuned for More !!!

- Rodney


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It’s a beautiful Saturday for the Sienna’s First Oil Change !!!

Many thanks to ENEOS Motor Oil for their support for the ‘Shinkansen’ Build.

ENEOS was the choice for my previous Prius Project and so it was natural to continue forward with the Sienna Build.

ENEOS has partnerships with many OEMs worldwide.

ENEOS is a SEMA Member Company and will be at this year's SEMA Show. They will be in Central Hall Booth #21203 !!!

“ENEOS has worked with Japan’s automakers and leading race teams for decades, creating advanced lubricants with vehicle engineers to provide optimum fuel economy with maximum power and long-term protection.” - ENEOS

For more details on ENEOS Complete product line visit : !!!

Font Logo Brand Graphics Rectangle

Thank you ENEOS for the 5 x 12 Qt cases of 0W-16 Fully Synthetic Oil !!!
Sky Cloud Hood Building Motor vehicle

The Front and Backsides of the Bottle ...

Fluid Bottle Bottle cap Packaging and labeling Font

Toyota OEM Oil Filter and Oil Pan Washer/Gasket along with some of the tools used for the installation ...

Automotive lighting Household hardware Automotive design Flash photography Font

Raised the Sienna up and Chucked the rear wheels for safety and ease !!!

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Also installed the FUMOTO USA Engine Oil Drain Valve for a speedy oil change next time. Thank you !!!

Amber Font Space Spacecraft Metal

Installed. And here it is in the Closed Position ...

Tire Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Wheel

After the ENEOS Oil Change, the Oil Maintenance Reset Sequence was Complete !!!

Car Speedometer Automotive design Trip computer Gauge

We are now ready for the Efficient Road to Las Vegas next week !!!

- Rodney

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Final SEMA Prep Week !!!

Many thanks to Imperial Body Shop for always coming through on my Projects !!!

I’ve never been a fan of dual colored side mirrors. I like the Full Color Keyed style as it looks cleaner and more complete.

Imperial Body is Second to None !!!

The original 2 tone colored mirror ...

Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Input device Automotive side-view mirror

After paint !!! These photos were taken indoor so the color is slightly misrepresented ...

Automotive design Input device Peripheral Mouse Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Fender Rim

Automotive parking light Grille Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive side-view mirror Vehicle Automotive design

And outside ...

Car Vehicle Cloud Automotive side-view mirror Sky

The inside portion was also completely painted to match ...

Mirror Automotive side-view mirror Plant Car Vehicle

Thank you Jesse and Coco for always taking care of me !!!

If you're local here in Southern California, see Imperial Body Shop for all your Insurance Claims and Projects Needs !!!

Thank you guys !!!

Cloud Sky Tire Motor vehicle Plant

- Rodney

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Nice man! If you don’t mind, where did you get those blind spot mirrors lol that’s all I can afford lol

Hey there @Mron15 !!!

You can buy them on Amazon here : Carmate back peace of mind wide form the sub-mirror CZ270

These are a great wide version blind spot mirror from Carmate originally designed for the 3rd Generation Toyota Prius. It fits perfectly for our 4th Generation Sienna too !!!

These are do not provide a distorted convex image so it's perfect in my opinion !!!

Hope this helps !!!

- Rodney
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The BIG DAY is here !!!

Arrived at The SEMA Show for the intial Roll In and Staging !!!

The Show starts on Tuesday, 11/02/21 through Friday, 11/05/21 so here are some preliminary photos of Shinkansen !!!

Arrived !!!

Cloud Sky Building Automotive tire Facade

We are in Front of Central Hall at Space V091. If you'll be at The Show, come on down !!!

Flag Rectangle Sleeve T-shirt Font

Shinkansen's Company Sponsors Represented ...

Tire Wheel Cloud Car Land vehicle

Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle

Also representing the VanKulture community !!!

Sky Cloud Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

The wrapped INNO Cargo Box BRM864RE now in Blue to match the Rotora Dark Metallic Blue pantone ...

Cloud Sky Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design

The Rays Homura 2X15BD Wheel Wrapped in the Toyo Proxes Sport A/S now secured on the Rigid Armor Swivel Down Tire Carrier !!!

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Almost ready !!!

Wheel Tire Sky Car Vehicle

Stay tuned for more modifications at The Show and the awesome rides on site !!!

- Rodney

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Nice thanks for teasing us. That is an air suspension right? Can we see it up high? More frontal pics when you can. Also are there any other Sienna builds there or are you the only one?

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Nice thanks for teasing us. That is an air suspension right? Can we see it up high? More frontal pics when you can. Also are there any other Sienna builds there or are you the only one?
Hello @Velox003 !!!

I will share more non-teaser photos later this evening !!!

I am on Air Suspension from Air Runner / AT230. Will send photos of it airred up to ride height this week.

I am now the only one displaying a 4th Generation here.

- Rodney
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