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Ticking noise behind climate control area

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2005 Sienna XLE LTD and over the last month a ticking noise has developed behind the climate control area on the dash. It sounds almost like a gear actuator that is trying To turn but keeps skipping a tooth. It's not really metallic sounding, more like plastic. It just stays thersking the same sound at idle and low speeds (moving or stationary).

Anyone run into this?
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Pretty common, really. There are four motors (left and right temperature blend door (on XLE), output door and recirc/fresh door). Either the gear assembly has stripped, or the sensor ckt isn't tracking the motion properly and keeps telling it to move when it shouldn't. You can play with your dash controls to figure out which one has the problem.

Search for HVAC or AC or Heat problems and you should find multiple threads on it, along with the diagrams & pictures I've posted to show their locations.
Great! Thanks. I know the Dodge Ram had a similar problem (although far more severe) and it's made by the same company as Toyota uses. It costs about 1600.00 to repair on a ram.
These little motors mount externally to the HVAC box, and with some fussing you can get to all three screws on each that hold them in place. Plan on $100 per motor, but some people have actually dismantled them, repaired and continue to use them. Two are directly above the gas pedal, the other two can be reached after you remove the glove box door and possibly some of the plastic duct work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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