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TIL 2021 Sienna Edition (TIL = Today I Learned)

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There's an extremely popular forum on Reddit called "today I learned" (abbreviated TIL). If you haven't seen it you should check it out at reddit dot com /r/todayilearned/ It's a place where people post interesting things they recently learned across a limitless breadth of topics.

Every time I come across some new interesting feature with our Sienna I think that such a thread would be interesting to share here. Granted, if you've read the 500 pages of manuals you presumably already know all these things :) but not all of us have (or will) rtfm so this is the Spark Notes version. Cool and maybe non-obvious things that you've been delighted to discover about your van. I'll start off with a couple of my own and hope others will share as well. When you come across something you didn't already know, maybe give it a like.

So the first one for me was probably when we learned that the recessed ridge on the driver's and passenger's door handles is a lock button. The first few days I was using the remote to lock the car but once I discovered that button that's mostly what I use! Very cool!

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TIL When using the full speed cruise and it gets to 0 for a few seconds with brake hold on, it says press cruise control or the accelerator to continue using.... but your supposed to press the + button not cruise control.

Also I stared at the sliding door buttons on the ceiling and they look backwards to me.
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TIL the wheel power display looks close to a GR yaris one. I guess it makes sense since they are both toyotas. been noticing the rear wheel power more now that we have snow.

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Any idea what the spider web looking graphic is on that screen when in sport drive mode?
G force meter. Mine doesn’t do anything though? Maybe because of the snow warning
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