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Tire pressure monitor malfunctioning...I think.

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Our '06 Sienna with 82k miles just had it's Mich Defenders rotated and the tire pressure monitor is now illuminated. No monitor issues before rotation (done at Sam's Club). I run them at 39 psi and checked before holding down the reset button to extinguish the light. Light goes out for a short while then illuminates again and stays on. No blinking. Any ideas on what might be wrong, and has anyone had a dealership repair a faulty monitor. Thanks.
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Remind me: Direct reading with tire sensors, or indirect abs wheel rotation sensing?
Rotating the tires will turn the light on.It happened to me once when I forgot to reset the tpm after rotating tires.If you did reset the tpm and it came back on, maybe they damaged the sensor.

Fibber,it's an indirect abs sensor on a 06.
Rotating tires on a TRW manufactured system with direct reading sensors shouldn't be impacted by rotations, as this system doesn't track wheel position. On an indirect system, the same hub speed sensor that works the ABS also works the TPMS, so in this case a damaged sensor would also produce an ABS system failure code. No ABS warning light, them probably no sensor damage. So it still sounds like system confusion.

You might try this reset procedure.
No ABS warning light so followed Fibber2 reset instructions and all is now well. Thanks and kudos to you guys for the assist. Greatly appreciated!
You're welcome! That's what we get paid to do. Oh wait, scratch that...... Seriously, glad to hear that's all it was.
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