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Towing experience - Limited AWD

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tommyhp2 said:
PS: Has anyone towed 3500 lbs in the new hybrid AWD? How does it feel? The old ICE AWD can't tow that much, IIRC, that's why we got the FWD instead.

We have a Limited AWD and recently went on a trip to Myrtle Beach from northern WV. I installed the Eco Hitch and hooked up our 12x6' aluminum trailer (1000 lbs), loaded it with our golf cart (1200 lbs), full coolers, storage tubs packed with equipment, tools and camping stuff. the van was then loaded with four adults, two teenagers and luggage. Pretty sure we were at or a little above max GCVWR.

I just sold my '17 Ram 2500 Mega Cab diesel as our camper is now in its' permanent home at the beach and just didn't need that beast anymore. We used to live near Rapid City, SD and have driven though the Rockies plenty of times: Pikes Peak, Aspen, our favorite Dillon (that Dam town), etc.

  • Our route took us through and over some taxing areas for any tow vehicle; if anyone has driven from Mt. Airy, NC through Mt. Hope, WV, you know what I'm talking about.
  • The rear of the van sagged noticeably, but handled, braked, and performed well overall.
  • Our avg. highway speed was 65-75mph which the van was able to maintain even up the longer grades.
  • The engine noise was very noticeable as it was well into the PWR zone up hill and when the regen quickly maxed out going down. (this is all controlled by the ECU to maintain within operating limits, so I wasn't really concerned)
  • I think if I were to try this same setup on the Eisenhower Tunnels Approach, I could maintain 55-60mph without too much drama. Without trailer brakes, I'd reduce speed considerably on the decent though!
- I purposely did not concern myself with economy on this trip as I wanted to compare the van with our V8 Durango which normally makes this trip. So, an equal time was my goal. - easily met.
  • The Durango averaged this trip (loaded/towing) at about 13mpg.
  • The Sienna made it to at 21mpg and from at 21.5mpg which was somewhat surprising being our home is 1200' higher than MB.

Overall, I'm pleased with the Sienna's towing, but will 100% be installing airbags in the rear springs before our next trip down.

- Do note that if you do tow much, you need to follow a more frequent maintenance schedule. (Eng. oil, front/rear transaxle fluid, etc.)

Happy towing,
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I’ve flat-towed with my little 2400lbs drift car a few times. Worked great and managed 20mpg even with track spares/tools and a few buddies.

Pulls fine. Even got up to speed from the shoulder relatively easily when had an issue with my chains.

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