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Toyota Safety Sense 2.5..can it be upgraded to 3.0 for wireless apple car play?

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I took my 2023 XLE for its first oil change yesterday. While I was there, I complained about the "quirky" infotainment system. It has a mind of its own.
I found out that Toyota Safety sense 3.0, apparently a software upgrade has a newer version, much improved and new user interface, including wireless android auto and apple car play.
Has anyone upgraded the software to TSS 3.0, and if so did it improve?
Considering that, for example, the cord is "a distraction" since it easily comes unplugged and, then you no longer have your maps up on Apple Car play. Instead, you have to fiddle with the phone/cord to get it working again. This distraction could/should be eliminated, by simply having Sienna drivers upgrade to TSS 3.0, apparently like some other Toyota models have.
CAn it be upgraded, or can I dowload the new version on my phone and install TSS 3.0 from my phone? Does anyone know?
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Modern day fob hacking is done through repeaters that are live hacks and not something someone is going to be able to do by simply following you to your car and making a clone like the old days. Rolling codes killed the old clone methods. These days someone walks up to your home at night, scans for an active fob broadcast signal and relays that back to the guy sitting next to your car so that the "live" signal is read by the car and it opens and will start. They would have to have a trailer setup nearby since you're car is going to auto disable itself obviously once the initial repeater is no longer sending that broadcast from the fob.

So a few things...
A.) No ones using this technology to get you in a parking lot since fobs only broadcast a couple feet and you're probably going to notice the sweaty guy standing on top of you while you're loading your milk in the back, not to mention his buddy standing next to your door.. at that point they may as well just rob you, why bother with the expensive repeater technology.
B.) Most modern vehicles now have protection against these types of ranged attacks by automatically putting your fobs into low power mode when movement hasn't been detected so that people who for some reason hang their keys right next to the front door arn't so easily hacked.
C.) If you're really worried about it spend a few bucks on a Faraday bag and call it a day.
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FWIW, holding the lock key and pushing unlock button twice puts the keyfob to sleep. You should see two red blinks. Walk up to the car with sleeping keyfob to confirm that you got it right a first few times.

This should help avoid someone using a repeater
to drive away your car.

Btw, car will continue to drive even if it can't detect a keyfob for safety reasons. However, this is enough for the thief to drive it hundreds of miles away before you know its gone.
My NX200t barely drove more than 4 houses away before it started shutting down the engine when my wife left her keys at home. I'd be shocked if the Toyota wasn't the same. Suppose I could test it sometime..
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